The Walder Recap (September 27, 2011)

– Good win by Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys last night over the Washington Redskins. Say what you will about Mr. Romo, but playing through injured ribs and a punctured lung is pretty gutsy. He may have his 4th quarter lapses here and there, but I am sure a lot of teams wouldn’t mind his QB services right about now. No touchdowns against the Skins, but still a good performance considering the circumstances.

– Cowboys K Dan Bailey with 6 field goals! He was the entire Dallas Cowboys offense! If anyone started the young man on their fantasy team, then kudos to you!

– If the Washington Redskins are serious about starting over, then they need to get rid of DB DeAngelo Hall. Great talent, but that attitude has to go. You can’t flip out on a coach like that, especially when the whole exchange is being shown on TV.

The New Jersey Nets will now be called The Brooklyn Nets! Jay-Z announces the Nets will win not one, not two, not three…..wait a minute, where I have I heard that before? hmmm…….

– If you haven’t seen the Kevin Walter touchdown catch against the Saints on Sunday, here it is…….play of the year so far?

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