WWE Hell in a Cell PPV Preview/Predictions


Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship (Hell in a Cell) : John Cena(c) vs Alberto Del Rio vs C.M Punk

Who should win: Alberto Del Rio

Who will win: John Cena

Preview: I initially agreed with the decision to put the belt back on Cena. Despite giving him the belt for a 10th time (absurd), I think he is a much safer bet as champ then Del Rio is. Like the guy or not, Cena does equal ratings for the company. I personally don’t believe he needs to wear the belt to be marketable, because belt or no belt, Cena will draw in revenue for the WWE with whomever he is working a program with. However, in the process of retaining the gold, former champ Alberto Del Rio did get buried. His 3 week title reign meant absolutely nothing for his character. Alberto missed a weeks worth of programming due to his Visa issues which killed any momentum he may have had. He deserves the chance to hold the belt and at least get 2-3 months out of it to help solidify his status as a main-eventer. With the eventual Survivor Series team-up plans of Cena and The Rock, and Punk continuing to battle it out with HHH and upper-management, why not give Del Rio the chance to be the champion and see how he handles the pressure? Ultimately, I believe that will end up being all smoke and mirrors (no pun intended Cody Rhodes) as Cena retains the gold inside the Cell, with a probable return of Kevin Nash, The Miz and R-Truth in an end of match scenario.

World Heavyweight Championship (Hell in a Cell) : “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry(c) vs Randy Orton

Who should win: Mark Henry

Who will win: Mark Henry

Preview: Never before in his career has Mark Henry had so much momentum following his character as he does right now. Fans are truly starting to see Henry as a credible World Heavyweight Champion, and rightfully so. His surprisingly clean win over Orton at the Night of Champions pay-per-view made Henry legit. Destroying super-heavyweights Kane and The Big Show helped his “Hall of Pain”  gimmick tremendously, but Mark needed that clean pin over the champion to really solidify himself as “the man” over on Smackdown. It would be insane on WWE’s part to take the belt off of Henry this early, as it would kill any steam Henry’s accumulated over the last 3 months.

Divas Championship: Kelly Kelly(c) vs Beth Phoenix

Who should win: Beth Phoenix

Who will win: Beth Phoenix

Preview: Beth Phoenix is the only legitimate threat to the Divas Championship at this point and time.  At the Summerslam and Night of Champions pay-per-views, Kelly needed “fluke” victory roll type pins to defeat the “Glamazon”, which leaves the door open now for Beth to roll into Hell in a Cell and defeat Kelly once and for all. Having Beth lose for the third straight time would officially cancel out Phoenix as a challenger for the gold, and that is not what the WWE needs right now, as that would leave Kelly with few believable challengers for her title. Have Beth Phoenix win at the event, and hold the gold for a prolonged period of time, possibly until the return of Kharma. Kelly-Kelly has proven a lot of doubters wrong, as her in-ring work has been quite passable and watchable. However, the time is now for her to drop the gold to Beth.

Singles Match: Sheamus vs Christian

Who should win: Sheamus

Who will win: Sheamus

Preview: Sheamus has developed quite the following over on Smackdown. I was worried that his face turn would not go over so well, but he has taken the ball and run with it to the fullest. He does have that endearing quality about him that does scream GOOD GUY!. The red hair and pasty white skin does make him more marketable to a younger audience, because he does have a big brute of a body, but he never comes off as that intimidating either, which would make him likeable for young children and a more believable face character. Christian has now become a part of this company-wide “Conspiracy” storyline, believing upper-management is shafting him by not giving him one more match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Expect a clean Sheamus win in this one, giving more ammunition for Christian in his “world is out to get him” character phase.

Singles Match: Sin Cara(Mistico) vs Sin Cara(Hunico)

Who should win: Sin Cara(Mistico)

Who will win: Sin Cara(Mistico)

Preview: For the average fan, this storyline has become quite confusing. This mess came into fruition once the original Sin Cara was suspended for 30 days for violating the wellness policy. Instead of having the Sin Cara character off television completely, the WWE used FCW rookie Hunico to dawn the mask and take over on Smackdown. I didn’t believe for a second that the company would fire Mistico after one violation, as WWE had invested to much time and money into his build-up. To the eye of a hardcore wrestling fan such as myself, it was very easy to see the physical and in-ring differences of Mistico and Hunico’s versions of the character. Once the post-match attack of Daniel Bryan by Hunico/Sin Cara on an episode of Smackdown occured, it was only a matter of time before Mistico would return to set up a Sin Cara vs Sin Cara feud for the true rightful identity. WWE has done this in the past with a Kane vs Kane and Undertaker vs Undertaker feud, but never has it been done before where 2 men truly believe they are the rightful bearer of the name. I expect this to be a fast-paced, action-filled contest with both of these wrestlers styles meshing well together, leading to one of the better matches of the night. In the end, Mistico/Sin Cara should end up winning this match, sending Hunico back down to the minors. How much more could they really do with this feud anyways?

Top 3 reasons to order this event:

1) Possible returns of Kevin Nash, The Miz and R-Truth 2) Not 1, but 2 Hell in a Cell Matches 3) first ever triple-threat Hell in a Cell match featuring the 2 biggest stars in the company right now (C.M Punk and John Cena)

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