WWE Vengeance PPV Preview/Predictions


Chris Walder PPV Picks Record: 4-1

WWE Championship (Last Man Standing): Alberto Del Rio(c) vs John Cena

Who should win: Alberto Del Rio

Who will win: Alberto Del Rio

Preview: This is a prime example of why the WWE shouldn’t have so many PPV’s crammed together. This main event has no build at all. Yes, John Cena is getting his one-on-one rematch for the WWE Championship, but is that enough for anyone to justify buying this event? The WWE tried to salvage some sort of animosity between the two by having them compete in the tag match on RAW, but that is about it. Feuds like Orton/Rhodes and Henry/Show have had at least a somewhat decent build-up of hate between the competitors, but for this match I just don’t feel like it adds up. The decision to instigate the Last Man Standing stipulation was probably just a last-ditch effort to create interest in this title match. John Cena doesn’t tend to lose matches like I Quit or Last Man Standing, but I believe the streak ends here. Del Rio needs to go over. The WWE Title has changed hands at each of the last 4 PPV’s. It needs some consistency to have any meaning, otherwise it just looks more and more like a prop. According to PWinsider, Cena may be removed from the title picture after Vengeance, making me believe further that Alberto Del Rio will retain tomorrow night.

Tag Team Match: Triple H & C.M Punk vs The Miz & R-Truth

Who should win: The Miz & R-Truth

Who will win: Triple H & C.M Punk

Preview: I could have sworn that last month both Triple H and C.M Punk were at each others throats. Apparently that means nothing now. This overall storyline has just become so confusing that I am starting to lose interest. Let’s face it, all of these matches have just been a stepping stone to what is going to be a huge Survivor Series Elimination match featuring the return of The Rock. To truly predict what happens in this match is irrelevant because there is a greater chance of something more interesting occurring after the match that helps build to next months PPV, such as a Kevin Nash return or something involving John Laurinaitus. This bout should be a solid tag match none-the-less, as all 4 competitors could carry the match on their own (stretch for Truth). I just don’t see either Punk or HHH being pinned, even though an Awesome Truth victory would really help build that unit over time.

World Heavyweight Championship: “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry(c) vs The Big Show

Who should win: Mark Henry

Who will win: Mark Henry

Preview: This is just another “guy returns from injury after months on the shelf to take out the man who put him on the shelf in the first place” storyline. I like The Big Show, but all he is at this point is another victim to Mark Henry’s “Hall of Pain”. Show hasn’t been a believable World Title contender in years. Mark Henry is on the roll of a lifetime and has the audience believing on a nightly basis that he can not be beat. To think, this is the same guy who was known as “Sexual Chocolate” and having mock-sex with Mae Young. The WWE has a good thing going with Henry, so to shut down his momentum now would be ludicrous. I could see The Big Show walking away with a victory to continue the storyline for another month or two, but only a DQ victory. It also wouldn’t shock me either to see the return of the “Big Red Machine” Kane, who was also another victim of Henry’s attacks.

Tag Team Championship: Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne) (c) vs Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler

Who should win: Air Boom

Who will win: Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler

Preview: This is the first of two title matches that Dolph Ziggler will be competing in at Vengeance, which shows that the WWE is very high on young Dolph. Ziggler and Swagger have actually formed quite a decent tandem, and have really reinvigorated the tag-team division along side Air Boom. Kingston and Bourne have done an amazing job holding down the division for the last 2 months, especially since Otunga and McGillicutty were a flop as Tag Team Champions. Evan Bourne did seem to injure himself on Raw 2 weeks ago, so it remains to be seen whether or not that will have an impact on the result. I just think the addition of more gold to Vickie Guerreros young stable would do more for them than it is for Air Boom, since they will be over with the crowd no matter what. A few more months of Air Boom has champions though wouldn’t be a bad thing, since it would really give them something to do since singles action for the duo is out of the question. However, the result of this match may depend on the result of our next match….

WWE United States Championship: Dolph Ziggler(c) vs Zach Ryder

Who should win: Zach Ryder

Who will win: Zach Ryder

Preview: Woo Woo Woo. You know it. The WWE “Internet Champion” Zach Ryder is finally on a PPV and the broski’s of the world are rejoicing. I will admit that I am actually a fan of his youtube hit show “Z! True Long Island Story”. I respect a guy who tried to get himself over by doing it his own way. I seriously doubt he would be at the spot he is in if he had not started the show, so its good to see that it has come full circle for Ryder. Dolph had held on to the United States Championship for quite a while now, so I believe Vengeance is the perfect spot for it to have a new shoulder to rest on. I picked Ziggler to walk away with Tag Team Gold earlier, and even though a double-champion Ziggler has a nice ring to it, I do think Ryder will end up walking away with the United States Championship. Ryder has pinned Ziggler already on episodes of Monday Night Raw, so a win won’t be that shocking, but this will show that the WWE listens to its fanbase and gives the audience what they want. The WWE universe wants more Zach Ryder. “Take Care, Spike Your Hair”.

Singles Match (Non-Title): Randy Orton vs WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

Who should win: Cody Rhodes

Who will win: Randy Orton

Preview: If the WWE was smart and had the guts to pull the trigger, they would give Cody Rhodes the win here. Rhodes has taken the gimmick of a good-looking man who believes in his own twisted mind that he is truly disfigured and ran with it. It isn’t necessarily a gimmick I would have enjoyed in the past, but Rhodes has made it work. Having a feud with Randy Orton shows that the company has some faith in him down the road to compete with the upper-echelon talent in the company. I just believe in this match, that too much is working against Rhodes. For one, Orton is coming off of 2 straight PPV title losses to Mark Henry, and I don’t think they would bury him for the third straight time, especially since you can make the case that he is the number #3 guy in the company right now behind Cena and Punk. Also, the Intercontinental title isn’t on the line either, further showing that Randy Orton will most likely go over. I hope that in this pick, I am actually wrong because a win for Rhodes would do way more for his career than another Orton RKO victory.

Singles Match: Sheamus vs Christian

Who should win: Sheamus

Who will win: Sheamus

Preview: Even though it may seem like Christian is on the decline after falling out of the World Championship picture, I still really enjoy his character. He is the Ric Flair of the WWE only in the sense that he can lose matches and not lose any momentum for it because it suits his character so much. He is the guy that takes the easy way out of things and complains until he gets his way. He believes the world is out to get him and is holding him back from getting “one more match”. So having Christian lose to Sheamus again wouldn’t really hurt him necessarily. Sheamus needs the win to continue on his path to the World Title, since I believe he will be battling Mark Henry in the near future for the gold. They are really building up “The Great White Hope” as the next true mega-star in the company, alongside the likes of Punk, Orton and Cena. This is a nice little match to have to keep both stars fresh in the minds of the WWE universe. Cody Rhodes and Orton are feuding, The Big Show has Mark Henry, so there really isn’t anyone left on Smackdown for the 2 to feud with at the moment. This bout has the potential to be Match of the Night.

WWE Divas Championship: Beth Phoenix(c) vs Eve Torres

Who should win: Beth Phoenix

Who will win: Beth Phoenix

Preview: This match has washroom break written all over it. I figured that Eve would be first in line for Beth once she won the belt, because having a Phoenix/Kelly title match for the 4th PPV in a row probably wouldn’t have worked. Eve and Beth have engaged in a bit of a “Twitter War” to try to raise interest in this contest, but its to no avail. No one really believes that Eve will win the belt, since Phoenix just won it. The Divas Championship isn’t the WWE championship and doesn’t change on a monthly basis like it’s a hot potato. I rather would have seen a Fatal Four-Way Match between these 2 ladies, Kelly Kelly and Natalya, as that at least would have had more exciting in-ring action. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kelly Kelly and Natalya back up there female cohorts ringside in this match because I know the WWE loves to give as much on-camera time to Kelly as possible. Look for Beth to either retain the title with a nice, clean win or with a little help from her partner in-crime.

Top 3 reasons to order this event:

1) Last Man Standing matches are always fun to watch, and Cena/Del Rio should be no exception 2) ZACH RYDER ON PPV! 3) Having Dolph Ziggler, probably the most underrated performer in the WWE compete in not 1, but 2 matches.

WALDERS FAVORITE CLASSIC WWE VENGEANCE MATCH: WWE Undisputed Championship (Triple Threat): The Undertaker(c) vs Kurt Angle vs The Rock

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