TWR: Phone Malfunctions, A Terrell Owens Comeback and Harry Caray Impressions

– St. Louis Cardinals Manager Tony La Russa is under scrutiny for his play-calling in Game 5 of the World Series. La Russa attempted to call his bullpen in the eight inning to get reliever Jason Motte to warm up, but instead, bullpen coach Derrick Lilliquist heard the name Lance Lynn, forcing the Manager to keep pitcher Marc Rzepczynski (a left-handed pitcher) in the game against a right-handed batter. The Texas Rangers would later get the game-winning run off of Rzepczynski.

There was obviously a huge collapse in communication between La Russa and Lilliquist when this was all going down. Apparently the issue was that the bullpen coach couldn’t hear what La Russa was saying. Whether it was because there were technical issues with the phones, or the crowd noise was to overbearing, or he hung up before he was able to get a clear name out, the end result was still the same. These all seem like scapegoats on La Russa’s part, but I believe that he is telling the truth. It is easy for someone to come up with excuse after excuse as to why a move wasn’t made with the bullpen, but La Russa doesn’t have a history of making up nonsense to cover his own behind. If he says that this is what happened with the bullpen, then I trust his word. It did cost the team the game in the end, as now the Texas Rangers are 1 win away from clinching the World Series. I can’t say I am too disappointed with that notion, since I picked the Rangers to win in 7 games. Game 6 goes down tonight in Texas, and hopefully La Russa will have a few “practice calls” with Lilliquist prior to the first pitch to insure such a problem doesn’t happen again.

– Former Wide Receiver Terrell Owens held a workout in Calabasis, California on Tuesday to persuade NFL teams to sign him. No NFL teams, scouts or agents were in attendance. Owens remains unsigned after having surgery on his anterior cruciate ligament back in April. 

Mr. Owens needs to learn something, and he needs to learn it fast. His career as an NFL Wide Receiver is over. He is 37 years old. Yes, he is in tremendous shape physically, but he hasn’t been on the field in quite some time. He could probably still play at the NFL level and help a team that is in DESPERATE need of some WR help, but no one in their right mind would want to take this guy. P.T.I host Michael Wilbon said it best…..Terrell Owens is a cancer. He has ruined every Quarterback he has ever played with. He is a “me-first” type player who only looks out for his best interests. That may seem a little harsh, but he has yet to prove anyone otherwise.

For some odd reason, I feel an NFL team might actually bite and take the bait that is T.O. A team like the Chicago Bears or Tennessee Titans that are still in playoff contention and can use a good, solid WR might be interested in his services. His raw, physical talent can’t be ignored, just like his big mouth. But then again, no teams showed up to his practice, and no one has openly expressed interested in Terrell. Maybe we have seen the last hoorah of the future Hall-Of-Famer.

Texas Rangers Derek Holland had a strong outing in Game 4 of the World Series, striking out 7 in 8 scoreless innings. Despite the amazing pitching performance, many people are talking about what Holland was doing during the game….on Commentary. Holland impersonated the great Cubs announcer Harry Caray, as well as former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you haven’t seen the impersonations he did during and after the game, check it out in the links below. They are absolutely spot-on and are hilarious to watch.

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