WWE Survivor Series PPV Preview/Predictions

WWE Hell In A Cell Picks: 4-1/WWE Vengeance Picks : 4-3-1

Tag Team Match: John Cena & The Rock vs The Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth)

Who should win: The Awesome Truth

Who will win: The Awesome Truth

Preview: Now just here me out on this. I have already predicted in a column on this blog that I believe that Survivor Series will be the night that John Cena turns heel. I am going all in on this one, folks. It would be too easy for the WWE to just have the predictable ending to this match. John Cena and The Rock have come out smelling great on 95% of this feud with Awesome Truth so far. How much further could the Miz and R-Truth be buried at this point? Both superstars are to talented to just have them lose clean at S.S.

The Survivor Series is known for having some of the most shocking moments in WWE history, such as the “Montreal Screw-job”, The Rock joining the Corporation, the debut of the Elimination Chamber and Brock Lesnars first loss. I believe that something will occur during this contest to add to that list, leading to a Miz and Truth victory. Call me crazy on this. The hype machine has been at full force with the return of the Peoples Champion and his teaming with Cena, but I just have this gut feeling that despite all of that, Awesome Truth will walk away with the win, heel turn or not. *For more on this match, check out my blog post “To Turn or Not To Turn: A Heel John Cena?”

World Heavyweight Championship: “Worlds Strongest Man” Mark Henry(c) vs The Big Show

Who should win: Mark Henry

Who will win: Mark Henry

Preview: At last months WWE Vengeance PPV, I predicted that Mark Henry would emerge victorious against the Largest Athlete in the World. Unfortunately for me, neither man really won, as the match ended in a No-Contest because of a Lesnar/Big Show-esque superpllex collapsing the ring.

My feelings towards this match still remain the same. Mark Henry is on such a hot streak right now, that I don’t see it ending for quite some time, possibly not even until Wrestlemania 28. This feud with the Big Show hasn’t been the disaster I thought it would be though. Considering the size of these 2 giants, I am pleasantly surprised as to the quality of work both have put into this. The Big Show may be long gone from his days as a credible challenger to the World Heavyweight Championship, but he still does have the ability to make his opponent look good, which is what Mark Henry needs right now. If Henry is to remain champion for the long haul, he needs to work with superstars who can give him credibility and make him look like the monster he is. A win over The Big Show at Survivor Series will do just that and help his character even more.

Contrary to what is being said online and despite his involvement in this feud as of late, I don’t believe that “Money in the Bank” winner Daniel Bryan will cash in the briefcase after this match. I just believe that this is route the WWE is taking to keep Bryan relevant in peoples eyes and to remind the fans that he still does have the briefcase. I fully expect Bryan to cash it in at Wrestlemania 28.

WWE Championship: Alberto Del Rio(c) vs C.M Punk

Who should win: C.M Punk

Who will win: Alberto Del Rio

Preview: The WWE Championship reign of Alberto Del Rio has been a failure to this point. No one seems to see Alberto as a credible champ anymore, and neither do I. I used to be behind Del Rio wearing the gold, but for whatever reason, his act has gotten old with me. He is a tremendous in-ring performer, but the image that he portrays has gone dull with me. Even Ricardo Rodriguez as his announcer has lost the lust it once had. I am trying so hard to like Alberto Del Rio on a weekly basis, but I just can’t seem to rally behind the guy.

The fire and momentum that C.M Punk had over the summer has fizzed out as well. From his shoot promo on Raw to his controversial Money in the Bank WWE title win to where he is now, it’s night and day. The WWE seems to be holding Punk back on what he is able to do on the mic, and that is a real shame. He isn’t the same controversial “say whats on your mind” C.M Punk we had over the summer. He also has suffered 2 straight PPV losses which has dropped his stock as well.

I believe both superstars need this win to really save themselves from the mediocrity they are spiraling in. Punk needs it to get back to the spot he had over the summer where the WWE universe revolved around him. Del Rio needs it to make himself look good, because he certainly isn’t doing that on his own. Even though both need the victory, I believe Del Rio needs it more if the WWE is serious in keeping him in the spotlight. C.M Punk will always be one of the most popular stars in the WWE, so one more PPV loss won’t kill him. I expect this match to be the first of many between the 2, possibly going into January and the Royal Rumble.

5 on 5 Traditional Survivor Series  Elimination Match: Team Orton (Randy Orton, Sheamus, Mason Ryan, Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara) vs Team Barrett (Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Hunico and Dolph Ziggler)

Who should win: Team Barrett

Who will win: Team Orton

Preview: I wish the WWE would invest in more elimination-style matches at this event, because that is what made Survivor Series so popular in the first place. I remember the days when 4-man teams like The Hulkamaniacs, The Dream Team, The Million Dollar Team and the Vipers filled the Survivor Series card, and all of the matches were elimination tag matches. I wish this card would have had at least 1 more elimination tag, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers.

There has been a lot of scrutiny on the dirt sheets as to why Wade Barrett was selected the captain for his team instead of the WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. Rhodes and Randy Orton have been at war for the last month, so it made sense in retrospect to have these 2 captain their respective teams. I am a fan of Barrett, but having him and The Viper feud just seemed very random to me. At least Orton and Rhodes had some recent history.

I decided to go with Team Orton for a couple of reasons. For the most part, I have picked a lot of heels to go over in their matches, so at some point or another a face is going to have to win to keep the flow of the show going. Also, team captain Randy Orton has quite a good record at this event, winning 4 Survivor Series elimination matches in his career, as well as being the Sole Survivor 3 of the 4 times. I fully expect this match to come down to Orton/Sheamus vs Barrett/Rhodes. Guys like Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston and Hunico can put on some exciting in-ring action, but I don’t see them being involved until the end of this match. While a Barrett or Rhodes victory would be quite the feather in their cap, Orton or Sheamus emerging as the remaining survivor(s) just seems more plausible.

WWE United States Championship: Dolph Ziggler(c) vs John Morrison

Who should win: Dolph Ziggler

Who will win: Dolph Ziggler

Preview: Dolph Ziggler is pulling double-duty for the 2nd straight WWE PPV. I have no problem with that. If your going to give a guy 2 matches in 1 night, then you might as well have one of your fastest rising stars within the company be the guy to do it, right? Having Ziggler compete in the elimination tag and this championship defense works out perfectly, because Dolph won’t have to be in the ring a lot for the tag match, thus not causing a huge strain on his body.

By the way, can anyone explain to me why John Morrison is in this match and not Zack Ryder? Morrison has been an after-thought in the WWE for the last 3 months, losing match after match until he met Ziggler on Monday Night Raw. I could have sworn that Morrison had one foot out of the doors of WWE. Ryder is one of the best things going in the company today, and has even been petitioning to get a title shot against Ziggler on Twitter and on WWE TV. I fully expect the New York City crowd to fill MSG with “WE WANT RYDER” chants. Ryder is the hometown boy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets added last-minute to this match.

No offense to John Morrison, but I don’t see any way that he walks out of New York as the United States Champion.

WWE Divas Championship: Beth Phoenix(c) vs Eve Torres

Who should win: Eve Torres

Who will win: Eve Torres

Preview: Beth Phoenix has become the Alberto Del Rio of the Divas Division. No one cares that she is champion. It’s not like a lot of fans really care about the Divas in the ring anyways, but Phoenix has done nothing to show how dominant she really can be as champion. Her “Divas of Doom” alliance with Natalya has been a flop, as Natalya continues to lose and Phoenix ends up looking worse for it. I think more can be done with a Eve Torres victory at this point, perhaps having her turn against Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox down the road.

Unfortunately for Divas like Phoenix and Natalya, all the fans care about is how you look and not how well you can work in the ring. Eve Torres is the most marketable diva the WWE has outside of Kelly Kelly. I believe the forgettable reign of Phoenix ends at Survivor Series and Eve walks out the new champion.

Lets face it, the entire Divas division means nothing until Kharma returns from her leave of absence.

Top 3 reasons to order this event:

1) The return to action for one of the one of the greatest superstars in WWE history, The Rock 2) The possibility for a John Cena heel turn 3) The New York City fans and their reactions to the superstars will make for a compelling watch

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