7 things all Girlfriends should know about their Boyfriends when watching Sports

I love my girlfriend Teresa more than anything else in this world. She is the apple of my eye and the reason I get up in the morning. She has become a big part of my life and has made me a better man because of it.

Now enough with the mushy stuff.

Lately, I have tried to get Teresa involved with my Sunday ritual of watching NFL Football.

NFL Sundays are very important to me. I love being able to sit in front of the television with my Macbook on my lap, a cold beverage in my hand and my arse firmly placed at the end of the couch. The NFL isn’t like the NBA, MLB or NHL. For a majority of the season, 90% of the games for the week take place on the Sunday. Without Football, Sunday would just be a dreadful countdown until you have to go back to work or school the next day and start your long, tedious week all over again.

I give Teresa all of the credit in the world. She has put forth one hell of an effort so far. She has sat with me through games and has done her best to share my interest for the game. She may not necessarily enjoy it all of the time, but she tries her best because she knows I love my Sports.

Now I realize that some men out there may not be as fortunate as I am. I can understand for some girls why it would be hard to sit through a sporting event with their boyfriend. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I can respect that. Just because your man is a “Sports-aholic”, doesn’t mean you have to be as well.

The thing all ladies need to know however is that loving Sports is built into every guys D.N.A. It is in our nature to find a game we love and feel the urge to want to watch more of it. We love the hard-hitting, pressure-packed action that we can only find in professional sports.

Guys love their girlfriends, but they love their sports too. It’s two different kinds of love, but it is love none the less.

That is why I have decided to fill in the girlfriends of the world on some important things they need to know about their man for when he watches sports. If you are going to sit by their side and view the game with them, then you should probably be aware of some key facts and waters you shouldn’t test before the inevitable argument ensues.

1) We actually do want to watch the pre-game and post-game shows. For example, even though NFL games start at 1:00 pm on Sundays, the pre-game countdowns can begin as early as 10:00 am that morning. We enjoy sitting through a good sports roundtable and hearing what experts of the game have to say. Why do you think when we go out with our friends that 75% of our discussion is about sports? It’s because we love to talk about it. We also like to listen to smart people in the industry talk about it as well. So please don’t say that it’s not worth watching. Don’t try to change the channel because the actual game hasn’t started yet. Just like when you exercise, you have to stretch first to make sure you are fully ready to begin. The pre-game show is our stretch and the post-game show is our rest period.

2) Fantasy Sports are important to us. Fantasy Sports make actual sports more exciting. Guys can have up to 10 different leagues going at once, with over 100 players to follow. Every rebound, touchdown, three-pointer, home run and goal means that much more to us if someone on our Fantasy team got points off of it. If you see your boyfriend running to the home computer every 5 minutes or constantly checking their laptop every second to see the stats, then you’ll know why.

3) PLEASE don’t tell us that you think the players are hot. We get it. If you see an attractive player on the screen or live at a game, you are going to bring it to our attention. You are probably insanely bored anyways, so you search for the little nuances of the game to find excitement in, such as the appearance of a certain player.

Just please…..try and keep it to yourself.

When we are watching the game, the last thing we want to hear is if our favorite athlete is cute or not. We never take it personally though. You saying a player is hot won’t make us doubt our manhood at all. It’s just that when we watch our sports, we want to see the players as the amazing, skilled athletes that they are, and not the cute little teddy bear hotties that you wish you could take home with you.

4) Please don’t ask us to change the channel at any point during the action. That includes the commercials. Guys don’t trust the laws of the television at all. Just when you think a commercial break is going to last 2-3 minutes, all of a sudden you realize that the game is back and you end up missing that one big play. There are even circumstances where we change the channel to something you want to watch, then you get caught up in that show and don’t want us changing back. We DON’T want that to happen. As long as the TV remains on the channel of the game, then we shall remain happy. As soon as it’s over, the TV is yours once again.

5. We are going to swear…..a lot. Something as small as a personal foul during a game is enough to set us off on a rampage of emotions. We hate referees with a passion. Every time they call something stupid, we just want to put our hands through the screen and shake them uncontrollably until they make it right for us. We also hate when the team we are rooting for turns the ball over, or strikes out or does anything that makes us sad inside. These moments usually involve a lot of swearing and yelling at the television. Just please try and bare with us when this happens. We are not bad people, we just need to get it out of our system in that moment. Trust me on this, it’s going to happen constantly.

6. The fourth quarter/third period/final innings, while exciting, aren’t the only parts of the game we need to watch. We want to watch the entire game! Who came up with this rule that all you need to do is watch the final minutes to understand what happened in the game? That is a damnable lie.  From start to finish, we want to be in front of the television to see every moment, every big play and every score. Don’t play that card on us. We are a lot smarter than we look.

7. You will NEVER have our full attention while we watch our game. We don’t mean to be jerks. We love you and don’t want you angry at us. We just can’t multitask to save our lives. We can’t focus on two things at once. If you try to tell us things of importance when we watch the game, it’s just going to go in one ear and out the other. Don’t take it as us not caring about what you have to say. That’s not the case at all (or maybe it is for some guys, I don’t know). If you realize that your boyfriend isn’t giving you his full attention while he watches sports, just know its because his brain isn’t allowing your words to enter. During the commercials, you may get lucky and be able to get some thoughts to enter his head besides “they better come back in the 2nd half or I’m down $20”. Good luck with that, ladies.

As a final word to my male readers out there, if you are able to find a girl who is just as passionate about sports as you are, then hold on to them like grim death. They are a very rare breed these days. I’m not saying exclude all girls who don’t enjoy sports from your life, but a lady who can enjoy the games just as much as you do is definitely a keeper.

P.S Love you Teresa!

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2 Responses to 7 things all Girlfriends should know about their Boyfriends when watching Sports

  1. Money says:

    This is hilarious!!!!!

    I can say my wife is an exception! She loves baseball just as much as myself. She also likes football and we watch all the pre game together.

    But 9 out of ten times she’s watching the MLB network, before the Housewives of OC

  2. Steven says:

    Visited your web blog touhrgh Yahoo. You already know I will be signing up to your rss.

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