Tim Tebow: The Prediction Killer

Denver Broncos (4) defeat Pittsburgh Steelers (5) 29-23 in OT

I give up.

I forfeit.

I surrender, Tim.

For months I have doubted Tebows ability to play the quarterback position. Tim’s lack of proper mechanics led me to believe that he would never be the type of player that could lead his team to a Super Bowl.

Well, I am clearly an idiot.

Tebow threw for 2 touchdowns and ran for 1 more as the Denver Broncos shocked the football world and defeated the defending AFC Champion Steelers 29-23 in overtime.

Yep, that really just happened.

No one picked the Broncos to win this game. Tebow wasn’t supposed to be the man to beat Pittsburgh. Tim was supposed to get destroyed, decimated and left for dead at the hands of the Steelers defense. This game wasn’t supposed to play out this way.

So why did it then?

Well for one, Dick Lebeau and the Steelers defense had no idea how to get to Tebow. It appeared from the get-go that Pittsburgh was going to load the box to stop the run and try to have Tim beat them through the air. Unfortunately for the black and yellow, Tebow made them pay dearly for that defensive scheme. He may have completed only 10 passes, but all of his throws were long-bombs that led to a 15.o Y/A and 316 total passing yards. The number one ranked defense in the entire league couldn’t get to him. Tebow was sacked 0 times and had no turnovers.

By the way, how ironic is it that Tebow finished with 316 passing yards? John 3:16 anyone? I’m just saying, that’s all.

A lot of credit has to be given to other players on the Broncos roster as well. Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas finished with 204 yards and a touchdown on just 4 catches. Thomas was Tebow’s main deep threat and made the Steelers secondary look silly on that game-winning 80 yard touchdown in overtime.

I applaud the Pittsburgh Steelers for coming back from a 20-6 deficit to send this game into overtime. Good health was definitely not on the side of the “Steel Curtain” on this day. QB Ben Roethlisberger entered the day with a severely sprained ankle, Rashard Mendenhall missed the game with a torn ACL, Ryan Clark was out for cautionary reasons due to a medical condition and both Casey Hampton and Brett Keisel left the game early due to groin and knee injuries.

Excuses are futile in the NFL though. Injuries aside, I still believed the Steelers were the more talented team even with all of their hurt players.

I also believed Tim Tebow was a horrible quarterback, so that makes 2 opinions of mine that were terribly wrong.

I give my “Mile-High Salute” to Tebow and the Denver Broncos. I still don’t regret picking Pittsburgh to win the game. Tim didn’t give me any reason in the last 4 games of the season to pick him against the best defense in Football.

Then again, I forgot Tebow was made of pixie-dust and could make the impossible happen despite all of the stats, numbers and haters being against him. He still needs to work on his overall completion percentage and making quicker decisions in the pocket, but the guy keeps winning games. It’s undeniable now.

I will never again doubt Tim Tebow. Every time I pick against him, he ends up making me look stupid. For that, I will “Tebow” in his honor……I still don’t like the guy though.

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1 Response to Tim Tebow: The Prediction Killer

  1. roju_7 says:

    I bet you’ll pick against him this week, too. I can’t blame you though.
    Even if he does lose to NE or the next team, I believe that given the off-season he will come back looking a lot better as a passer. He’s exciting to watch and has a way of getting his team mates behind him. He’s a leader. It’s what Denver needed.

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