Final Score: Giants 37, Packers 6…..Bill Leavy 14?

Referee Bill Leavy is the luckiest man in America right now.

If the Green Bay Packers had come back to win this game, all hell might have broken loose. Fans of the New York Giants would have wanted Leavy’s head on a silver platter.

I’ve seen some bad officiating before, but this was just downright pathetic.

I can sympathize with referees when they make mistakes. They are only human. They make the best call they can with the evidence in front of them.

But when you are fortunate enough to have a replay of the given scenario right in front of you and you STILL get it wrong, then you officially lose all credibility with me.

What exactly was Bill Leavy looking at when he went under the hood to review Greg Jennings fumble? They obviously weren’t showing him a replay of Jennings because everyone and their grandmother knew that was a fumble. You can clearly see the ball coming out of Jennings hands before his knee touches the ground.

The announcers saw it. The viewers at home saw it. Everyone on Twitter who seconds later complained about the decision saw it. So how come Bill Leavy couldn’t see it?

What a joke.

What about the roughing the passer call on Aaron Rodgers? Osi Umenyiora was nowhere near Rodgers head. I will give a bit of leeway to the referees here because it was a spur of the moment decision where no replay was given to the officials. That still doesn’t change the fact that it was a terrible judgement call.

The most important thing to take away from these 2 calls is that the Green Bay Packers came away with 2 touchdowns because of these blunders. If the fumble was called correctly, the Giants would have gained possession of the football. If the dreadful roughing the passer call was ignored (which it should have been), then the Packers would have been on fourth and long.

So technically, the final score to this game should have been Giants 37 to the Packers 6. Every touchdown by the Green Bay Packers was tainted by horrible officiating. Bill Leavy had himself one bad day at the office. He was incompetent, indecisive and plain ole stupid.

In the end, the New York Giants didn’t suffer because of it. If the game ended 37-30 or the Packers came back to win, then the NFL would have been swarmed with emails, phone calls and hate mail about Leavy and his horrible calls.

“When stuff like this happens before a huge national TV audience, the credibility of the league, and the integrity of the game, becomes an issue.” – Bob Raissman of the Daily News.

I hope for the leagues sake, they don’t assign Bill Leavy to referee the AFC or NFC Championship games.

My heart can only take so much anger.


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3 Responses to Final Score: Giants 37, Packers 6…..Bill Leavy 14?

  1. Giam says:

    I would have probably written a letter to the commissioner if the Packers won this game. What a disgraceful job of officiating. I don’t know what view of the Jenning’s fumble Mr. Leavy was supplied with, or even who overturned the original fumble call on the field, but the fact remains that something went terribly wrong in this game.

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  3. Craig says:

    The NFL claims it was the correct call – that his calf was touching the ground before the ball came loose – what a bunch of nonsense. Perhaps it’s time to place a physician in the replay booth that can explain to those making the call that the only way the runners calf can be touching the ground when his knee is a full 12 inches off the ground is when his leg has been completely fractured, otherwise it is competely impossible. Once again the NFL sticks it’s head in the sand and compounds the belief by fans that the fix was in by validating a call that was obviously mishandled. They can’t even say a call was blown in a game where it ultimately didn’t make a difference. What a bunch of pathetic losers that are killing the game one lie at a time.

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