WWE Royal Rumble PPV Preview and Predictions

World Heavyweight Championship (Triple Threat Steel Cage Match): Daniel Bryan(c) vs The Big Show vs Mark Henry

Who should win: Daniel Bryan

Who will win: Daniel Bryan

Preview: For what seems like the 100th time in the last 6 months, the Big Show and Mark Henry will be competing for the World Heavyweight Championship on a PPV. Thankfully a dose of actual wrestling has been added to this feud in the form of Daniel Bryan.

Ever since Bryan cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase last month at the TLC PPV, the champion has teetered on the brink of becoming a full-fledged heel. He constantly over celebrates after matches and finds new ways to retain his title without actually pinning or submitting his opponent (DQ and No Contests). I’m actually enjoying this character change as it adds some much needed personality to Bryan. His willingness to stoop to any level to keep his title will eventually lead to him becoming the main heel on Friday Night Smackdown. The steel cage stipulation also gives Bryan a way to retain his belt in yet another cheap fashion (climbing over the top or through the door while his opponents are distracted). 

Daniel Bryan should be considered the favorite to walk out of St. Louis with the strap on Sunday. I don’t see either the Big Show or Henry winning the championship so close to Wrestlemania. It also appears that Mark Henry will be working the event with a hamstring injury, which if serious enough would halt all probability of him becoming a 2-time champion.

Singles Match: John Cena vs Kane

Who should win: Neither

Who will win: Neither

Preview: There is absolutely no way John Cena or Kane win this match clean, let alone at all.

First of all, this “Embrace the Hate” storyline is just a way to tease the fans with a John Cena heel turn. It may give Cena some much needed intensity leading into his match with the Rock at Wrestlemania, but it will NOT make Cena the heel we all want him to be.

Why on earth would the company have John Cena lose cleanly so close to Wrestlemania? John needs as much momentum as possible going into the big event. Losing here at the Rumble wouldn’t make sense.

On that same train of thought, why would Kane lose this match? This is his first in-ring action since returning from his 5 month hiatus. If the company wants him to be taken seriously as a monster, then having him lose clean to “Super Cena” would just derail any chance of that.

This match will be a physical, brutal and violent brawl (sans blood of course). It will be so physical that I believe it will lead to the match being stopped by the referee. Neither man needs a loss at this point, so what better time to beat around the bush and have both guys walk away unscathed.

WWE Championship: C.M Punk(c) vs Dolph Ziggler (Special Referee: John Laurinaitis)

Who should win: C.M Punk

Who will win: C.M Punk

Preview: For the last 4 weeks, Dolph Ziggler has been defeating C.M Punk in a series of singles and tag team matches on Monday Night Raw.

You know what that means?

Dolph Ziggler has ZERO chance at the Royal Rumble.

The laws of wrestling forbid Ziggler from winning this Sunday. You can’t have Dolph go over the champion so many weeks in a row and THEN have him beat the man on PPV. All that does is bury C.M Punk.

John Laurinaitis as the special referee does throw a wrench into the equation, but with his job evaluation by HHH this Monday night on Raw, I wouldn’t expect to see any type of screw-job by the interim general manager. He needs to perform as many good deeds as possible in hopes of keeping his job.

C.M Punk and Dolph Ziggler are arguably the two best in-ring performers in the WWE. Based off of their recent performances on Raw, I fully expect this match to be an entertaining back and forth contest between 2 of the very best in the business today.

The 2012 Royal Rumble Match

My pick to win the 2012 Royal Rumble is………..Chris Jericho

This is a safe pick on my part, but I also believe that it will end up the correct one.

There are 4 guys competing in this years Rumble match that have a realistic chance of winning (Jericho, Orton, Barrett and Sheamus). I would be shocked if one of the aforementioned names don’t win it all.

I’m putting my money on Jericho for a couple of reasons. For one, Y2J has never won a Royal Rumble match. The guy has done it all in the WWE….outside of winning the Rumble.

On last weeks edition of Raw, Jericho announced his entry into the Rumble match and how “it’s going to be the end of the world….as you know it”.  That just leads me to believe that Jericho will have a huge role in the match and may even end up winning it.

Outside of C.M Punk (who may in fact be in the match), I don’t see that one guy who could eliminate Jericho and make it part of any storyline. From what I hear around the wrestling dirt sheets and websites, the tentative plan for Wrestlemania 28 is for C.M Punk to defend the WWE Championship against Jericho. Winning the Rumble would certainly help towards making that match a reality.

I don’t discount Randy Orton, Wade Barrett or Sheamus in this Rumble, but if I had to put my faith in just one guy, it would be Chris Jericho.

*Arda Ocal of the Score.com came up with this BRILLIANT idea for how the match should end. (How Arda would love the 2012 Rumble match to end). It is definitely worth your time to check it out and give it a look.

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