Do you believe NOW!!? Will the return of Carmelo slow down LIN-SANITY?

Another column on Jeremy Lin?

I’m fine with it.

I give the people what they want.

Jeremy Lin is the biggest thing going in sports. Why wouldn’t I want to write about the guy?

All he does every game is increase his “legendary status” ten-fold. He is EASILY the most popular player in the National Basketball Association right now.

The New York Knicks are winners of 6 straight and are showing no signs of slowing down. Lin is running the offense and getting his teammates to do something that they hadn’t proved they could do all season long without him…play together as a team.

By the way, Jeremy Lin has also added a new skill to his repertoire. He has started to channel his inner Michael Jordan and nail game-winning shots at the end of regulation time to win basketball games.

Did that really happen? Lin has the ball in his hands for the last 20 seconds of the game, spots up for a three-pointer with the clock ticking down and HITS THE SHOT to win it for the Knicks. He made that look easy. It’s like he’s done that several times before. Lin wasn’t nervous, rattled or shaken by the situation. He knew he could get the job done and he made it happen.

If you didn’t believe in this kid before……start!!

But now comes the tricky part…..

Carmelo Anthony is set to return to action any day now for the Knicks. In most cases, that would be great news. Carmelo is a formidable scorer who can give you 25 or more points any time he’s on the court.

However, this isn’t exactly a normal case.

The emergence of Jeremy Lin changes everything.

The fans are solemnly behind Lin. He is their new star. The people of New York City want him to succeed. The league wants him to succeed. This story is just to sweet to screw up now.

Carmelo Anthony is the kind of player that needs the ball in his hands to be effective. He likes to create shot opportunities on his own and make plays by himself. He has never had a true point guard that can run an offense and take the pressure off his shoulders as far as the play-calling goes. Jeremy Lin can make all of that happen.

Carmelo Anthony needs to adapt to Jeremy Lin, not the other way around.

I truly feel that the Knicks would be better off without Carmelo at this point. A D’Antoni system with an athletic big man (Stoudemire) and a point guard who knows what he’s doing (Lin) could be a very scary thing in the Eastern Conference. Throwing a wrench into that equation with Anthony could ruin what New York is doing.

The Knicks are starting to play like a cohesive unit and team.

Carmelo Anthony is a team unto himself.

It’s not like the Knicks were winning games with him anyways. New York was 8 games under .500 before Jeremy Lin turned it on.

Would trading Anthony be such a bad idea? You could get a lot of good, solid pieces to really solidify some depth on the roster by trading him. The idea may seem crazy, but the uprising of Jeremy Lin was considered crazy too.

I hope for the team’s sake that Carmelo Anthony can come in and help the progress of Jeremy Lin rather than destroy it. If Anthony can mesh well with Lin and the team keeps winning, than you have to consider them up there in the top-tier of teams in the East alongside Chicago and Miami.

If Carmelo returns and the team reverts back to their losing ways, than the fans of the Knicks will turn on Anthony in a heartbeat.

Just watch.

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3 Responses to Do you believe NOW!!? Will the return of Carmelo slow down LIN-SANITY?

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Great post…I wrote about Lin this morning over at and I hope you give it a read!

  2. Melo is a selfish ball hog…but he’s not stupid. Now that he has a point guard he won’t need to create; he just needs to not dominate.
    Nice post!

  3. Sunjay says:

    Give them some time to play together, triangle offense style. The Knicks, when healthy, have great point-guard depth. They can be a scary team BUT they have got to get a back-up centre for chandler or they are screwed. on another note, Amare brought them back into that game. And then Lin went all Charles Barkley on the Raptors. Calderon needs to play better defense.

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