2012 WWE Elimination Chamber PPV Preview + Predictions

(Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship)

Daniel Bryan(c) vs Wade Barrett vs The Big Show vs Cody Rhodes vs The Great Khali vs Santino Marella

Who should win: Daniel Bryan                      Who will win: Daniel Bryan

Preview: The Great Khali and Santino Marella are in an Elimination Chamber match?

It’s like the WWE wants me to keep my money.

This has the potential to be the worst Chamber match in WWE history.

Whose idea was it to replace the injured Randy Orton with…..Santino? I love watching Santino and find him to be great comic relief, but no one is going to take him seriously in this match. Why not have a guy like Ted Dibiase, Hunico or Drew McIntyre be the replacement? Young wrestlers like that could definitely benefit from the rub of a main event pay per view match. I actually think it would be better if Marella were to be attacked before the Chamber and be replaced by someone who has a more realistic chance of winning.

I can’t say I’ll be looking forward to this match because with Randy Orton now unable to perform, the outcome becomes WAY more obvious. You would have to be insane (or a fan of TNA) to believe either Santino or the Great Khali have the slightest chance of winning the gold on Sunday. The Big Show will probably be competing against a celebrity (Shaq?) at Wrestlemania 28, so you can count him out. Cody Rhodes is currently the Intercontinental Champion and doesn’t need the World Heavyweight Championship on top of that.

That just leaves us with Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan. I predicted last month that Barrett would be competing for the belt at Wrestlemania and I still stand by that. That doesn’t mean he should walk away the winner this Sunday though. Daniel Bryan should retain the gold and continue to build his reign as a credible World Champion. His character continues to evolve at a nice pace and he has shown that he can lead the Smackdown brand as its head guy.

Wrestlemania 28 prediction? Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus vs Wade Barrett in a triple threat match.

(Ambulance match)

John Cena vs Kane

Who should win: John Cena                         Who will win: John Cena

Preview: There’s a reason why we don’t see a lot of Ambulance matches in this day and age.

They aren’t that exciting.

The only way you can win the match is to throw your opponent in the back of an Ambulance and shut both doors.


I’m glad that this feud between Cena and Kane is finally coming to an end. I mean, it has to end on Sunday right? The time is now to start building towards Cena/Rock and give it some momentum.

This story has taken its share of turns in the past few weeks with the inclusion of Eve and Zack Ryder. The company is really trying hard to get fans to turn on Cena for some reason. Having Cena and Eve kiss on Raw just made the fans dislike John even more. The only decent outcome for all of this is if Cena finally “embraces the hate” and becomes the bad-ass heel we all want him to be. If John defeats Kane and doesn’t undergo some sort of character change, than this feud will have been for nothing. Why tease us all this time and have no huge payoff?

The truth of the matter is John Cena is going to be booed at Wrestlemania. He might as well go into the event with as much heat as possible to add to the atmosphere of the match. Something has to occur in this Ambulance match to make this a reality.

I think it’s a fair assumption that Ryder and Eve will integrate themselves into this contest in some capacity. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eve is the one who turns heel and aligns herself with Kane.

I may be grasping at straws, but I REALLY want something exciting or monumental to happen. Otherwise…..BORING!!!

(Divas Championship)

Beth Phoenix(c) vs Tamina Snuka

Who should win: Beth Phoenix                    Who will win: Beth Phoenix

Preview: Finally a Divas match that doesn’t involve me going to my kitchen and grabbing a sandwich.

This may only be a transition towards Beth defending the title against Kharma (you know its going to happen) at Wrestlemania, but it’s still nice to see someone who can actually wrestle challenge Phoenix for the belt.

Tamina isn’t your typical Diva. She isn’t a model like Kelly Kelly or Eve, but is still a beautiful woman who has more skill in the ring than both of those girls combined. Snuka and Phoenix pair up well together and should put on a better Divas match than we are accustomed to seeing.

I still believe a Phoenix/Kharma match is on the horizon, but at least this should be a good preview for what’s to come at Wrestlemania while showcasing 2 Divas who can actually perform in the ring.

(Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship)

C.M Punk(c) vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston vs The Miz vs R-Truth vs Chris Jericho

Who should win: C.M Punk                             Who will win: Chris Jericho

Preview: If the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match is crap (which it more than likely will be), than this Chamber will save the pay per view. It features 6 wrestlers who can work and put on a good match.

This is the only reason anyone should buy this event.

Even though the actual match should be exciting, there are only 2 guys who have a realistic shot at winning; C.M Punk and Chris Jericho.

Kofi Kingston has the ability to pull off some entertaining spots in the Chamber, but he isn’t a threat to win at all. The Miz and R-Truth basically cancel one another out as they are currently involved in a feud that may in fact lead to a match at Wrestlemania. Dolph Ziggler could win, but I believe his big moment will come in the Money in the Bank match in March.

The current plan is for Jericho and Punk to square off for the WWE title next month, so it’s safe to say one of the two will win on Sunday.

I think it’s easier to set up the match if Jericho wins the title in the Chamber. That way Punk can just cash in his rematch clause and challenge Y2J at the biggest show of the year.

If anyone either than Punk or Jericho win on Sunday, I’d be shocked.


– Where is Sheamus? How is the winner of the Royal Rumble AND the guy featured on the poster not wrestling on the card? With the event only having 4 advertised matches, it seems more than likely that Sheamus will end up wrestling to fill up the card. I would love to see a Sheamus/McIntyre match added.

– Why are there only 4 matches advertised? There is no harm in adding a Sheamus match or a tag team championship match and giving it a little bit of promotion. What’s the problem with that?

Should you buy the event? Probably not. Out of the 4 heavily promoted matches, only the Raw Elimination Chamber peaks my interest. I’m going to save my money and put it towards purchasing Wrestlemania 28 next month.

Top 3 reasons to buy the Elimination Chamber PPV: 1) The Raw Elimination Chamber match 2) Perhaps your a fan of John Cena and want to pay $50 to see him in an Ambulance match…. 3) Trust me, there aren’t 3 reasons….

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