The Washington Redskins REALLY want Robert Griffin III

I guess Peyton Manning won’t be playing in Washington anytime soon.

The Redskins have traded their first and second round picks in this years draft as well as their first round picks in 2013 and 2014 to the St. Louis Rams for the 2nd pick this April.

The pick will presumably be used on Baylor QB Robert Griffin III.

That seems like a lot to give up for a guy who isn’t even the top prospect at his own position.

I’m not downplaying the ability of Griffin at all. He may end up being a better quarterback than Stanford’s Andrew Luck.

But as of right now, Griffin isn’t considered the best quarterback in the 2012 NFL draft.

That means a lot considering what Washington just gave up to acquire his services for next season.

Robert Griffin III is no slouch by any means. During his 4-year stint at Baylor, Griffin threw for 77 touchdowns and ran for 32 more. In 2011, Robert became the first player in Baylor history to win the Heisman trophy, beating out fellow quarterback Andrew Luck in the process.

He has a great track record from his college days, but is he worth the pirates ransom that Washington gave up in order to get him?

I don’t think so. No disrespect of course.

The Washington Redskins are a franchise in disarray. Adding Griffin to a roster as mediocre as Washington’s won’t spark that big of a turnaround unless he turns out to be a clone of Cam Newton. Newton walked into a bad situation in Carolina and turned a 2-14 Panthers team into a more respectable and passionate squad that won 4 more games.

The Redskins are hoping Griffin can have similar success in Washington. Both Newton and Griffin have similar styles of play. Both are big bodied quarterbacks who can not only throw the long ball, but run the ball effectively as well. Cam’s success with Carolina makes Griffin that much more appealing. If Griffin can be half the player Newton has become, than this trade looks A LOT better.

The real winners of this deal are the St. Louis Rams. All they had to do was move down 4 spots in the draft to secure the Redskins 2nd round pick as well as their first rounders over the next 2 years. Picking a quarterback this year wasn’t of concern to St. Louis. They still believe Sam Bradford is their man for the foreseeable future. They aren’t losing out at all.

With a new head coach in Jeff Fischer and draft picks coming from left and right, the Rams now have the tools and assets in place to really start fixing their team.

On the other hand, the Indianapolis Colts must be kicking themselves now. After watching St. Louis acquire numerous valuable draft picks for their 2nd pick, the Colts can now only imagine what they could have received for the number 1 overall pick. If Peyton Manning is still the Manning of old, than Indianapolis could have traded down and received possibly more than what St. Louis obtained in order to help rebuild the team. Now that Peyton is officially out the door, their fate will now ride with Andrew Luck.

The future of the Washington Redskins franchise is now in Robert Griffin III hand’s. They now hopefully have their quarterback of the future, but the work doesn’t stop here. Adding a player with as much potential as Griffin doesn’t fix all of the Redskins problems. Now what Washington has to do is fix the offensive line to give Griffin time to stay in the pocket and throw the ball. Unless coach Shanahan instigates a new system that works around his strengths as a football player, Griffin will need to have time to throw the football. The Redskins offense is based around the quarterback being able to throw the ball effectively while in the pocket. Adding quality players to the offensive line to help Griffin’s progress is very important.

Robert will also need quality receivers to throw to. Anthony Armstrong and Santana Moss won’t cut it. Signing a free-agent like Vincent Jackson of the Chargers or Marques Colston of the Saints should be on the Redskins to-do list as well.

I believe Robert Griffin III has the right mindset to jump into action right away and play effectively. He’s a smart young man and a quality quarterback. Washington is still a lousy team unless more moves are made, but I’m sure the addition of Griffin will at least bring some hope back to Washington that winning days are on the horizon. At least his name isn’t Donovan McNabb or Rex Grossman.

All I worry about is if the price they paid to get him won’t come back and bite them in the end. Those draft picks could have had the potential to all be starters for this team. That’s 4 or 5 quality players out the door in a flash.

Let’s just hope Washington didn’t screw this one up as well.

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1 Response to The Washington Redskins REALLY want Robert Griffin III

  1. jonlau29 says:

    He is better than John Beck or Rex Grossman. In a league where winning now is the prototype they made the right move to try and get a top notch QB. They did beat the Super Bowl Champs twice. RGIII should improve the team as he’s comes out of the Cam Newton mold.

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