Check Out (New Home for Chris Walder)

The reason I started “Walders World of Sports” was to get my writing out to the world and eventually get noticed.


That day has finally come.

After being discovered for my NBA articles here on the site, I have now accepted a gig to be the new head editor of the NBA fan site “Sir Charles in Charge” on the Fansided network.

For anyone who would like to continue supporting my writing and help me live out my dreams, be sure to check out the site at 

I will return to Walders World of Sports once I have a feel for how the new site runs and how easily I can get my writing done.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and helped this blog grow to the point it has. I love you all.

Remember to check out

– Christopher Walder

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2 Responses to Check Out (New Home for Chris Walder)

  1. Just wanted to wish you much success on the new site!

  2. jonlau29 says:


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