Who is Walder?

Hello to everyone that is currently reading this page. I assume you are here because you would like to know a little bit more about myself.

Well my name is Christopher Joseph Walder III……Esquire.

I joke, I joke.

That would be a cool name though, now wouldn’t it?

I’m 23 years old and am currently residing in Toronto, Ontario Canada. I have been taking Broadcast Journalism for almost a year at Seneca College. The reason I entered the program is because my long-term goal in life is to become a world-famous sports journalist.

I love sports. I love watching, playing and discussing sports. If I could somehow take that love and turn it into a career, than I know I will have accomplished something in my life.

I have worked for the Toronto Raptors Game Operations Department for 6 years now. Basically I was there for around 35 games a season, going on court to set up skits and promotions, as well as interacting with fans and giving away prizes. It’s been a tremendous experience and it’s really given me the chance to see what goes on behind the scenes of an NBA game and really appreciate all the hard work that goes into it.

This blog, creatively titled “Walder’s World of Sports” is my way of taking the top issues in the world of sports and putting my own little spin on them and giving my unbiased opinion. I’ve been looking at doing a blog for quite some time now and am very happy that I have come around to starting one up. I am proud of my writing and take it very seriously. I love when people go back and forth with me on issues because I am always open to hearing others opinions. Just because I say one thing, doesn’t mean I’m right. It’s just an opinion.

I hope anyone who reads my blog enjoys it and finds themselves wanting to come back. I want this blog to be the start of something much greater. I hope one day the right eyes will see this and maybe something grand will come of it. Feel free to leave comments because I would love to hear from you.


– Christopher Walder


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